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Parkside Hospital is available on the NHS e-Referral Service

Parkside Hospital is registered on the NHS e-Referral Service (formally known as Choose & Book) and is able to offer consultations and treatments for a number of condition across a wide range of specialties.

To ensure that your patients get the fastest and most effective treatment possible, we require you to:

  • supply a referral letter
  • provide a thorough medical history

These must be attached the the specific appointment booking on the website at least 5 days prior to the actual appointment. It is vital that you do this as we need time to triage the patient based on their notes.

If you have any questions regarding the NHS e-Referral Services at Parkside, please contact the team on 020 8971 1261, or use the form on this page to send us your enquiry.

Parkside Hospital can be found on the NHS find e-Referral Service search by entering SW19, Aspen or Parkside Hospital.


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