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This area of the site is dedicated to supplying you with downloadable PDF’s of all of our published articles including those from the Parkside Primary First Journal.

As the library expands using the filters below will enable you to search by the Consultant name or by a key word associated with a condition or treatment.

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Mr Joel Mawdsley - Dyspepsia - A Clinical Review
Miss Heather Biggs - Nuclear Medicine Overview
Mr Arvind Vasudeva - Atrial Fibrillation: An update on diagnosis and management
Mr Myles Smith - Contemporary Investigation of a Lump
Miss Shamim Umarji - Baron Dupuytren,Vikings and Xiapex
Mrs Nadine Coull - A update on urinary incontinence
Mr Daniel Tweedie - Coblation intracapsular tonsillectomy
Mrs Lynda Mallinson - Managing the symptoms of IBS with a low FODMAP diet
Mrs Helen Cowgill - The treatment of Temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD
Mr Sudip Ray - A vascular update - what's new in superficial and deep venous disease
Dr Penny Neild - Hydrogen and methane breath tests
Mr William Townley - Facial Reanimation
Dr Farid Bazari - Diagnosis and management of sleep disorders
Dr Michael Perkin - Hay fever immunotherapy: treating the disease not the symptoms
Mr Amit Amin - Foot and ankle update: ankle arthritis
Dr Ajeya Adhkari - Recent advances in total knee replacement
Dr Muireann Kelleher - Gestational breast cancer: safety of anti-cancer therapy during pregnancy
Dr Janakan Natkunarajah - Dermatoscopy and Skin Cancer
Dr Kristina Gordon - Lymphoedema
Miss Rashmi Singh - Stones, Moans and Groans: A Guide to the Assessment and Management of Renal Colic
Dr Jim Blackburn - Trigeminal Neuralgia Update
Mr Physio - CDT and MLD
Mr Nashat Siddiqui - Management of Chronic Elbow Pain
Mr Myeloma UK - Myeloma Diagnosis Pathway
Dr John Ferguson - A Survival Guide for GPs
Miss Vasuki Sivagnanavel - Diabetic Maculopathy
Prof Dae Kim - “Hoarse Voice, Chronic Cough and Sore Throat” Diagnosis: ‘Silent’ Reflux
Mr Stergios Doumouchtis - Childbirth Trauma and it's Complications
Dr Andrew Poullis - The New Non-Invasive Test for Colorectal Cancer Screening
Dr Fergus Rugg-Gunn - Epilepsy
Mr Andy Ramwell - Rectal Bleeding - what you need to know
Mr Didyesh Banerjee - One Stop Breast Clinic
Prof Marcus Reddy - A Safe Middle Ground for GORD
Dr Anna Kirby - Heart Sparing Breast Radiotherapy
Mr Parham Azarbod - Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery
Dr Charlotte Rayner - To Vape or Not to Vape?
Prof Ray Powles - Advances in treating Myeloma in the UK in 2016
Dr Lucy Ostlere - Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)
Mr Hugo Guthrie - Knee Osteotomy
Miss Deborah Earl - Physio for Skiing
Dr Jamal Hayat - Swallowing Disorder
Prof Ian Loftus - Venous Disease
Miss Sarah Little - Balloon Sinusplasty
Dr Yvette Coldicott - Opiods in non-malignant pain
Mr Gordon McArther - Paediatric Hand Fractures
Mr Andrew Fleming - BFirst Trip to Zimbabwe
Mr Test author - Test Article