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Our Aim

The GP Liaison at Parkside work hard to make sure you know all about the new services we’re developing and that our referral system is both easy to use and understand.

We know that professional development and networking is important to GPs, and that's why we invest in the running of a regular schedule of evening and weekend events on a range of clinical areas. These events enable us to maintain our partnerships with you and ensure you are kept up to date with the latest thinking and best practice of our consultants.

Your GP Liaison 

andrea-Kresojevic bwAndrea Kresojevic

GP Liaison Officer

Andrea brings a wealth of experience having worked in a management role in a GP Surgery for many years. Living in South West London for the past 16 years, she is familiar with many of the local GP Practices.

“Having worked at a GP Surgery I know the importance of having an accessible GP Liaison Team in order to provide the best service for our
patients. I also understand the importance of providing a comprehensive education programme to allow GPs to remain up to date with the latest medical developments.”

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