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Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Imaging is the collective term for a variety of diagnostic Radiology examinations.

Our onsite Diagnostic Imaging Suite is fully-equipped to provide X-ray, Ultrasound, extremity MRI Scanning and Mammography and can offer:

  • High levels of comfort and safety

  • Rapid access and convenient appointment times

  • Competitive pricing and accepted by most health insurers

  • Images reported by a specialist Consultant Radiologist

  • Experienced and highly qualified Radiographers

  • Results usually available same day


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Nuclear Medicine

In cases where more in-depth testing is needed to complete a diagnosis, Nuclear Medicine is given in the form of an injection or tablet to show up more clearly in scans. These routine tests are simple, safe and quick - there are no side effects. For more information about Nuclear Medicine testing at Parkside Hospital, please click here.

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