4 Drinking Games which Requires Two Players

10 September 2021
Amber Zia

If you want to play drinking games with just a single partner and are worried that the only games you know require big groups, you’re in luck. This blog shares 4 fun games you can play with your only partner. Most of them require no props but in case you want to buy engaging toys for other drinking games, check out https://dingadget.dk/drukspil

Two truths and a lie

If you want to know the other person better without using any props, there’s no other game you should play. To play, a person will state two facts about themselves along with a lie but they’ll be told as if they’re all the truth. Other players will judge which fact is false and which is true. If the guess is correct, the fact-listing person will drink. By taking turns, each person will share facts. Play this game with a variety of drinks. 

Higher or lower

By using a deck of cards or a card deck app, this simple game is really fun. The dealer will choose a card and the other person will guess if the next card is higher or lower than the card placed. With a correct guess, the dealer will drink. 

Never have I ever

This popular drinking game can be played in a group and with two players too. It’s goal is similar to the first game; you have to guess the maximum information about the other person. One person shares something they’ve never done and the other person will drink in case they have done that thing. By taking turns, the game continues. 

I’m going on a picnic

This is a memory game demanding only your imagination and alcohol. Alphabetically, players will name things they’d bring to a picnic. The game continues until someone commits a mistake or someone forgets any item. By going to the end of the alphabet with players getting more tipsy, things can get funny.